Noah's Ark Has Been Located, But It's In Pieces

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Noah's Ark?   I know that you're skeptical, but read the whole page.   If I give you an eye witness account, and then show you a real photo that goes with it, will that convince you?   How about if I give you three !

First, you will need to know the names of two explorers: Ed Davis and Ray Anderson.   Both of these honest gentlemen passed away, not too long ago.   Here they are:

Ed Davis           Ray Anderson

This piece of Noah's Ark was found by Ray Anderson, on a photo taken by Eryl Cummings in around 1972.   This photo is the least convincing of the three.   But, what is this box-shaped object doing, virtually on top of the eastern summit of Mt. Ararat, in eastern Turkey?   Photos of the other pieces appear below.   Other photos of the Noah's Ark pieces appear on other web sites.

Ok.   Lets put this photo beside a sketch that was drawn by Ed Davis, who claims he saw a piece of Noah's Ark, near the top of Mt. Ararat, in 1943:


Have you read the Ed Davis story?   If not, you should read it now.   Note that Ed described this piece of the Ark as LYING ON ITS SIDE!   Also note that the 1972 photo shows further damage to the Noah's Ark piece.   Isn't that what we would expect?   You can read the Ed Davis account on this page:

Ed Davis's Visit to Noah's Ark!

The photo on the left was taken in around 1972.   That same Noah's Ark piece APPEARED IN A VIDEO TAKEN IN 1988!   These photos were taken by Ark searchers of considerable reputation.   A side by side comparison appears on Ray Anderson's web site at:

Noah's Ark Fact Not Fiction Website

On the right is a sketch that Ed Davis drew to describe what he saw in 1943.   Over a 29 year period, enduring severe weather, and who knows what else, could this piece of Noah's Ark have been pushed over even further so that it is now 90 degrees from the horizontal?   I think you will agree, that it seems quite possible.   At the very least, we have to ask the question," What is this unusual box like structure doing on top of a 16,000 ft. mountain that is extremely difficult to climb? "

Let's sum this up.   Ed Davis claimed to have seen two pieces of Noah's Ark, up high on Ararat, in 1943.   The photo taken in around 1972, and a frame from a video, taken in 1988, both show a box-shaped object, near the eastern summit of Mt. Ararat, very similar to what Davis described, and sketched,- something that he saw, at close range, in 1943.

As far as I can determne, Ed never asked for any money from his story.   He never wrote a book.   He never did a lecture tour.   And, he never sought any fame or fortune, as a reward for his testimony.   He took two lie detector tests containing probing questions about his account, and passed both with no problem.   We will refer to this piece as the highest Noah's Ark piece.

Ray Anderson also played an important role in the finding of a second piece of the Ark, about 1000 ft. in elevation, below the highest Noah's Ark piece.   You will find a treasure chest of information on the web site, which Ray set up, before passing away in November of 2006.   If you want to know the whole story about the pieces of Noah's Ark on Mt. Ararat, his entire site is must reading:

Noah's Ark Fact Not Fiction Website

His family is still maintaining this site.   I have been in touch with them, and have their permission to share Ray's information.   Copyright info can be near the bottom of this page.

A few years ago Ray discovered this second Ark piece, another piece described by Ed Davis.   It is about 1000 ft. below the highest Noah's Ark piece, in a crevasse near the Abich II Glacier.   It is helpful to understand what the upper regions of Mt. Ararat look like.   So, here's a photo map from the web site:

Focus now on the spot just below the "i" in the Abich II label.   When this photo was taken, by Aaron & Garbe, there wasn't enough melt back to see the second object, however in these photos, you can see it clearly:


Let's take out the color, and look at that lower piece, a little closer:

This photo was taken, from the air, by well known Ark searcher Eryl Cummings, around 1972, and passed around the Ark search community.   At the time, he was focusing much lower on the mountain, since at that time, most Ark searchers felt that the Ark, or Ark pieces, were closer to the Ahora Gorge area, and at a lower elevation.   For this reason, the enlarged photo is not as clear as we would like.   This photo was in the hands of Ark searchers, and overlooked for a number of years.

How could this piece have been overlooked?   Because, first of all, at that time, the Ark searchers believed that the Ark was at a lower elevation, and because the Ark search community has hundreds, if not thousands of photos of different parts of Mt. Ararat.   It took some diligent searching by Ray Anderson, using a binocular magnifier, to find this second piece of the Ark.

On this photo, you can clearly see what appears to be a large timber coming out of the side of the Ark piece.   Ed Davis, told Ark searchers to look, in their photos, for a piece of the Ark with a very large timber coming out of the side.   IT IS PRETTY OBVIOUS THAT THIS IS IT!

This photo of a third piece of the Ark was taken in 1989 by well known Ararat guide, and head of the English department at Seljuk University, in Turkey, Dr. Ahmet Ali Arslan.   Dr. Arslan was born near the base of Ararat, and has climbed the mountain many times, frequently to guide Ark searchers in their quest for the Ark.   This man probably knows Ararat better than any other person.   He has declared on American TV, and to me personally via e-mail, that he believes this to be Noah's Ark.

Ali is a practicing Muslim, so he can't be accused of a Christian bias.   I have swapped e-mails with him a number of times, and he has said emphatically, that he belives that this is indeed Noah's Ark.   Personally, I believe that this is a piece of the Ark, not the whole thing.   Dr. Arslan was hired to take this photo by two other Ark searchers, who had found this object on a satellite photo.   He took this photo at considerable risk to his life.   ( Turkey normally does not allow non Turks into this area. )   Arslan said that he was walking on an ice crust at about a 45 degree slope, and could hear water running beneath his feet.   The photo was taken at a distance of about 1000 ft.   Notice the smaller mountain in the background.   Some say it is Little Ararat.   Others say it is an even smaller mountain called Mt. Haydar.   That is a clue to the location of this Ark piece.   It is about 1000 ft. below the second piece in the same crevasse, or very near that same crevasse.

I don't recall my original source of the 1989 Arslan photo.   I found a negative of this photo somewhere on the web, and used my photo editor on it.   There is a similar photo on:
but, it is not nearly as clear, as the photo shown on this web page.

Here's a summary of the three Ark pieces and their locations:

If you would like to print a one page poster with the above photos, so that you can share this information with family and friends, click here:

Noah's Ark Piece Locations

The location of the piece in the 1989 photo, by Dr. Ahmet Arslan, is approximate.   Having Lesser Ararat in the background gives us a good idea where it is.   The location has been updated based upon information which has come to me recently.

Where are these objects now?   The most likely answer, is that they are still in those locations, but buried beneath 50 ft. or more, of ice, snow, and rocks, in the glaciers near the eastern summit, where they have defied exposure by those many courageous explorers, who have tried to find them on, or near, the surface.

This is no longer a case for speculation, or what the experts may think.   Here are three pieces of Noah's Ark for all to see.   Is this evidence PROOF enough?   It all depends upon how much PROOF you think you need.   If you claim to be a Christian, and yet do not have enough faith to accept the evidence presented here, I have to question the depth of your faith.

Don't think that you are going to hop on a plane, and go to Ararat, and look at these pieces of the Ark.   It is only on extremely rare occasions, when there has been a very long period of hot and dry weather, that these pieces can be seen or photographed.   The Ed Davis sketch points to some things which are very revealing,- mud and water.   At, or near, the eastern summit of Ararat, you may see mud and water, only a few times in a century.   Don't expect to see this information on ABC, CBS, NBC, or even FOX NEWS.

Why the demand for proof?   The world is hoping above hope, that this added evidence for God's existence, and the truth of the early chapters of Genesis, will never be revealed.   Why?   Because, if the truth of Noah's Ark is exposed to the world, many of our school textbooks will be shown to be presenting false information to our children.   And, the textbook editors, the professors, the teachers, and the news media will be exposed as ones who have sold the world a false history, a false biology, a false geology, etc.   The world governments who have supported this false teaching will be exposed as supporting a great big lie.   Not only that,- many who have adopted poor lifestyles will be exposed as being the immoral persons which they are.

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